Comforting recipes to make over the holidays.

November has been a demanding month. There’s a lot going on in classes, in my heart, my mind. I haven’t been able to emote very well. I’ve been crabby.

It bothers me that irritability is my first response to a busy season. Life will always be filled with things to do. It’s a shame to spend time sloshing through work and school and life things with the mindset I’ve had lately. 20171022_112526.jpgI get flustered when things feel out of my control, another part of me that I need to let go of.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart. I have overcome the world.” — John 16:33

Next week I’ll be home for the break. I know that will help.

On to brighter things: I complied a list of recipes to make over the Thanksgiving and Christmas break, or whenever. Many of them involve pumpkin, sweet potato, or other fall/winter flavors. 20171022_112537.jpg

—breads and muffins—

These carrot ginger pumpkin bran muffins from Cora at mylittletablespoon are veggie powered and seasonally appropriate. She knows a thing or twenty about good muffins. I suggest you try them pronto.

The fluffiness level of these roasted garlic rolls is something special. I’m really looking forward to making them. Anyone else find bread making relaxing?

You probably saw this one coming — 5-ingredient flourless banana bread.

This vegan naan would go well with this chickpea curry recipe.

—main dishes—

This lentil sweet potato shepard’s pie from Minimalist Baker looks comforting and hearty.

Mmmm spinach and mushroom herb stuffing from Hummusapien sounds amazing. I think I might sub the bread cubes with homemade cornbread because I’ve been wanting to try a cornbread stuffing.

Ultimate comfort food — 1-hour vegan pot pie. Another one from Minimalist Baker.

There’s 110% chance these maple rosemary roasted veggies from Bucket List Tummy will be one of the side dishes for Thanksgiving.


Savory breakfasts have sounded appealing lately. This chickpea flour quiche looks satisfying.

Waffles > pancakes, buuut these fluffy pumpkin pancakes from The Big Man’s World might convince me otherwise. Maybe.

Kat is one of most creative kitchen gurus I know. Her thick & creamy vegan hot chocolate has a special (fall themed) ingredient that looks dynamite.

—sweet things—

Need this — sweet potato pecan pie — badly.

I’m picturing myself with hot tea, these pumpkin cinnamon rollsa blanket, and a book. Happy place, people. Happy place.

Love the inclusion of crystallized ginger in these chewy molasses ginger cookies from Cotter Crunch.

If you don’t have any time for #bakingtherapy over the holiday season, hopefully you get to eat good things made by someone else.

Happy baking!

Fall/wintered themed recipes you’ve been loving lately?



21 thoughts on “Comforting recipes to make over the holidays.

  1. THAT VERSE. Ohhhhh that verse…it’s one of my favorites. Every single time I read it it just gives me this overwhelming feeling of comfort and hope. It’s like I already know that Jesus has defeated sin, but reading this, ” In this world you will have trouble. But take heart. I have overcome the world” does something to my spirit every single time. Praise Jesus for his love and grace ❤
    And thank you for sharing my hot chocolate recipe!!


  2. I don’t think you are the only one that may “revert to crabbiness” during a busy season – when everything feels like its falling out of your control. Who wants to feel that!? Of course something inside us would get triggered and itchy and try to find any way we can to take back some control. The cold weather, plus stress of exams, plus – if you are like me – the homesickness I feel at Christmas time are all enough to make this time a hard time. I hope you’ve still been able to find some momentary solace and comfort in things like baking or stepping outside or hanging out with a friend or two. Soon you will be home! I’m very, very much looking forward to that time, myself.
    Thank you for including my muffins amongst this wonderfully comforting round up. I want it all.


  3. Mmmm. Love all the pumpkin/sweet potato recipes on this list 😀 And the garlic rolls look insanely good! (Apparently I’m in the mood for carbs right now!) Happy Thanksgiving, girl! xx


  4. Irritability is often my first response to busy seasons too, unfortunately! I love that verse. Hope your break is a good time of relaxation for you! Also I totally saved that lentil shepherd’s pie recipe to make soon 🙂


  5. I can attest to those carrot pumpkin bran muffins of Cora’s! Siiigh. All of these look delicious. So many recipes and never enough time. Gimme all the pumpkin and gingerbread and spiced goodness for this time of year!


  6. I know what you mean by that overwhelm feeling; it’s such a blessing to just get time to step back and meditate on God’s goodness and the fact that Jesus has overcome the world, no matter how much it’s easy to feel that we’re being overcome.

    I hope you get some really good refreshing time, spending time with the Lord, praying, baking, resting. ❤


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