Past few weeks in review.

I went home for Thanksgiving. . .two weeks ago? Honestly it’s a little hard to keep track what happened when at this point. It was needed and restful and cozy. Coming back to school was rocky. I felt a little lonely. But I’m currently feeling more in sync with a routine.

A major comfort is winter break peeping around the corner. A few more weeks, finals, and it’ll all be wonderfully wrapped up and resolved. Week-In-Review-Button-Final

Thanks for letting me reflect and do a multi-week recap, Meg.

Driving back to Boston with my sister and brother-in-law was great. They drove for roughly sixteen hours, there and back, and they deserve major kudos because driving is exhausting. 20171126_160705.jpgOatmeal = haven for toppings.  Enough said.20171125_074409.jpgI think Thanksgiving leftovers are better the second time around. The same can’t always be said of other leftovers. Also, cornbread stuffing is my favorite food of the moment. 20171124_114028.jpgDiet talk over the holidays (and any other time) really bums me out, but the behavior of other people is out of my control. Plus, my own perspective of food and body image still needs work.

Bottom line, the season is about more than food. A lot more. Food is great, but the nourishing, exciting, wonderfulness of good food during the holidays isn’t even really the food itself, but togetherness we share with other people who are eating with us. 20171123_085931.jpgOn a less serious note, this cheese app platter, made by my big sis, convinced me that I like cheese, after all. Fun fact: for most of my childhood and early teens, cheese was borderline repulsive to me, but now I don’t mind it. Except for melted cheese, still not a fan. 20171123_145650.jpgToodles for now.

So tell me…

What are your holiday plans?

One happy thing from last week. 

One challenging thing from last week. 



13 thoughts on “Past few weeks in review.

  1. I’m so glad you had a restful break. And that you’re feeling more in sync with your routine after a bit of a rocky, lonely start to classes again. Winter break just around the corner is a major comfort for sure. I’m weirdly ridiculously excited for finals because it means the semester will be over and I’ll have a solid month to sleep in, make stovetop oatmeal, and snuggle my dog. Speaking of oatmeal, yours looks so delicious and cozy. Thanksgiving leftovers are definitely better the second time around, and your sister’s cheese platter is beautiful. Funny how our tastes change sometimes.
    I’ll be praying for peace for you over the next few weeks as you wrap up your semester. Thanks for sharing your journey with us all!


  2. Wait… so no pizza!? You don’t like pizza!?! Melty cheese is my jaammmmmm.

    Oh well, its okay. I’m glad you discovered some new cheese enjoyment with your sister’s brilliant platter making skills. Plus like you said… it doesn’t matter about the food anyways. ” the togetherness we share with other people who are eating with us.”


  3. LOVE seeing your oatmeal; it really is that delicious canvas for all the toppings.

    I get tired of the diet talk too, and I’m thankful for finding a lot of friends that are not into the diet talk this year. 🙂

    Challenging thing this week: Staying focused on crying out to Jesus especially in the midst of spiritual battles. It’s challenging but SOO Good.

    Blessing of the week: One of my best friends is getting married on Saturday!


  4. Hope you finish up your studies on a strong note before enjoying Christmas break! 🙂 Good thing? We got our tree up and the lights on…rest of the decor hopefully this weekend! Tough thing? just dealing with some lack of sleep…its hard!


  5. That short period of time between Thanksgiving and winter break is always rough for me too. It’s this weird period where you’re getting re-adjusted to school but then once you finally get used to it you’re off to another break. Sometimes I wish they just let us off earlier in December rather than give us a break in November…but then Thanksgiving.

    Yes to cornbread! Yes to stuffing! More yeses to cornbread + stuffing!

    Challenging thing: Rough session with my dietician and feeling like I’m falling back. On a slightly related note, diet and body talk is unescapable during this time of year. We’ve just gotta keep reminding ourselves of what you said: there’s more to the holidays than the food.
    Happy thing: Going to see this fun lights show last night! And continuing to feel the holiday spirit.

    Good luck with finals! 🙂


    1. Thanks for validating that feeling. You explained it perfectly…by the time I adjust to school, it’s time to go back home. Cue funky, confused emotions.

      Sorry to hear about the rough session. Feeling like we’re taking steps backward is discouraging. I guess it’s part of the journey, friend. And yes, just the other day I went to a Christmas party and was so bummed to overhear diet talk from a group of people who mean so much to me. It really hurts.

      Yay for holiday spirit and festive things. Glad you got to enjoy it ❤


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