“Thinking of You” Gift Guide.

Disclaimer: The items featured in this post were purchased at no cost from Uncommon Goods. The links in the post are not affiliate links, and all opinions are my own.

Gift giving is rewarding. If you’re like me, you probably love spending time choosing the right gift. What will pique the recipient’s interest, delight them, be useful or practical? Finding the right gift can be difficult though. Maybe you know the individual’s interests pretty well, but you can’t think of a gift that would match with those interests.sunnystarsUncommon Goods came up with a pretty helpful solution. They recently launched Sunny, a super helpful gift finding guide. You type in who you are shopping for, their interests, and then Sunny compiles a list of possible gift ideas and you star the ones that look good.

A note about the products featured on their website, many are handmade (this collection of handmade jewelry is so lovely!) or made from sustainable or recycled material. As a consumer, it makes me happy to see companies working hard to be conscientious about the their environmental impact.

Below are a few gift ideas that would be great options to give to friends, family, or a coworker as a “thinking of you” gesture or even as a last minute Valentine’s Day present. If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day related gifts, there’s a convenient compilation right herefunkyllamasocks

Something Cozy

It could be a scarf, blanket, socks. Cozy gifts serve a dual purpose in their practicality and comfort. I personally think socks are one of the best “thinking of you” gifts because they are affordable and can be totally unique, like these llama socks. You know you need a pair.

Women’s Llama Socks – $10 


Something Creative

Gifts that enable or encourage creative thought are so valuable. Watercolor paints, colored pencils, or a bullet journal are a few good options. They are gifts that can be used more than once and be a tangible source of entertainment.

Hatch Ideas Notebook – $25coffee

Something Delicious

It could be chocolate, coffee, a jar of fancy jam. Food-related gifts convey an intent to nourish, deeper than solely physical nourishment. Giving food is its own love language.

Coffee Beans for a Better World – $20teatowel

Something Useful

Hand soap, towels or washcloths, or a desk organizer might seem like boring gifts, but often, people need those things regularly anyway. Once in a while it’s nice to have buy a useful gift for you.

The Coffee Towel – $14

Also, if you’re looking for a little gift for yourself, Uncommon Goods has all sorts of useful, unique items for your kitchen, home, closet, or hobby. I could literally spend hours browsing this home decor collection…and I have.

Another thing that makes me excited about shopping with Uncommon Goods is their commitment to giving. After you complete your purchase, they allow you to pick from a variety of non-profits, and they donate $1 to the organization of your choice. They give to educational, environmental, and humanitarian causes, which I wish more companies would do. It’s really wonderful.

My only critique is that many of the prices are a bit steep, but overall, you’re paying for higher quality items that are better for you and the environment. They also have dozens of gift options for under $25, a pretty reasonable amount to spend on a gift.

Hope you get the chance to check them out!

Tell me about gifts you love to give as “thinking of you” gestures in the comments.


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